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What we learn from out children

I love wordpress…but I have had a nagging problem that I could not solve. Solution….My daughter Nikki! She is home for the weekend and in about 5 seconds, literally, she solved my problem. WOW! Now I can download my files and documents directly into wordpress without going through googledocs first. I am in the process of upgrading all posts, so feel free to visit again and more easily get the “handout”.

But it got me thinking about all we learn from our children. My three have taught me so much and I continue to learn more from them each day. My learning extends to my nieces and nephews as I am a participant observer in their lives, watching them grow into amazing young adults. Many thanks to each of you.

A goal of parenting is to “pay attention” to be a mindful observer in the lives of our children, to ask them questions, wonder along side them, and ultimately rely on their acquired knowledge and skills as they become adults. I see so many parts of me in their lives (check out Nikki’s pintrests or http://jesserappaport.wordpress.com/), but now I see so much of them in my life. A very special thanks to the three of you…