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Washington's Christmas

What are you doing for Christmas?

Brrrrr!!! What a way to spend the holidays! On Christmas Night, December 25, 1776, George Washington led Continental army soldiers across the Delaware River to attack Britain’s Hessian army at Trenton, New Jersey. This successful surprise attack provided a much-needed victory for Britain’s former colonies as they struggled for freedom. At the mention of this event, most Americans picture a heroic George Washington standing in a small boat. That’s how Emanuel Leutze pictured it in his huge painting. To read more of this historic event and the artist that symbolized the dream of a new nation visit the EDSITEment website where you will find amazing resources for teachers and students.  http://edsitement.neh.gov/emanuel-leutze’s-symbolic-scene-washington-crossing-delaware

My holiday gift for you! HAVE A HAPPY CHRISTMAS…Remember the sacrifices of so many for the freedom of us all.