Here is the beginning of a resource list that will grow as we uncover more about the arts in education. Enjoy the four articles I passed out today. You don’t need to read them all at the same time-just before out next meeting! Put your thoughts into your beautiful new journals.  Next meeting we will begin our “design” work. I am looking for a metaphor that speaks to the varying types of integration….Pat P’s texture ideas; Sue’s color/leaf  exploration; Joy’s Picasso centers; Yvonne’s “Blues”; Jean’s landscape poetry, etc. All need to meet specific criteria…take a look at the definition of arts integration, see what you think.  definition of arts in education


Rabkin, N. and Redmond, R., (2004). Putting the Arts in the Picture: Reframing the arts for the 21st century. Chicago: Columbia College of the Art.

Seidel, S. (2005). Third Space: When learning really matters. Wasington, DC: Arts Education Partnership.

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