Planning Engaging Visual Arts Lessons

What makes an engaging art lesson? As you view the power point see if you can keep the focus on student learning. Lesson PlanningSpring 2011 power point. Here are some questions to consider…

  • How have you connected the artistic learning to the curriculum
  • What is your inspiration for the children in your motivation?
  • What are they LOOKING at to stimulate their imagination?
  • How clear is your demonstration?
  • What choices are they given?
  • How do you continually mediate learning, spark creative ideas, and move artistic thinking forward throughout the lesson?

RESOURCES: Here are some resources to help in your planning process.

  • 311 Art Lesson Plan Rubric This is the tool I use to assess your lesson plans.
  • ArtLesson Plan Description This is an overview of the lesson plan parts
  • National V Art Standards The standards you use for Visual Arts planning
  • NEW Enabling Words — all Learning Goals MUST start with one of these words. Examine the level of thinking you are using. New BLOOM poster
  • ART Assessment Strategies You need to think about both the METHOD and TOOL you use for assessment. Can you identify the criteria for success and differentiate the learning experience in your assessment tool? Did you document their working process, student’s thinking, comments, questions, and final products?
  • Drawing Lesson1sample. This is a sample of the first lesson on my planning map that I did with my first graders on drawing.

One thought on “Planning Engaging Visual Arts Lessons

  1. Maria

    I found your pieces on student engagement in the art room rather well…engaging. Student engagement is something I think most great art teachers have been doing for years now. What we need help with is writing these methods in statments that validate all the hard work we do and just how important to the “whole” child art education is and frankly will always be. I appreciate your efforts with this concept.


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