Color Theory Work

The study of color and its influence and impact on culture, art and seeing is a topic that can be studied for a lifetime. As a matter of fact some artists make the study and exploration of color their life’s work. Read on for assignment….


Wassily Kandinsky


Henri-Edmund Cross


Georges Seurat


Andre Derain

Color Theory Documentation Book: Your documentation should include your discoveries and reflections about color, color vocabulary with samples, and your creative color explorations.  You need to make an attractive cover with a title that represents the content of the documentation. You should have four pages of gray paper folded in half and glued together to create your eight work spaces/pages. Glue ribbon across the two black pages and then glue the front page and back page to the front and back cover. (I will supply this paper).

Please include the following information on your spaces/pages – there should be something on every page:

  1. Vocabulary and samples of: Primary, Secondary, Intermediate, Hue, Value, Tints, Shade, Complement, Color Wheel, Analogous
  2. Color Wheel Design: Shows the relationship among primary, secondary, and intermediate colors
  3. Monochromatic Color Exploration: Create a collage using only ONE color and all its variations – You can use magazine images as well as your color chips. Make sure you cut away any color (even white) that could be visually distracting.
  4. Complementary Colors — Mix complements (all three individually) to create a range of neutrals. Add white or black to create values of your neutrals. Create three different designs using one set of Complementary colors & the Neutrals.
  5. Creative Color Design: use your remainding color painting chips to create a work of art that fills the entire page. You can create this collage on another piece of paper and then glue it into the book. Look back at under Art as a Way of Learning to see some samples from grad students’ color work this summer.
  6. Color Reflections: What have you learned about color from these explorations? How does color impact or influence your life? What is your personal “color palette”?

This will make an exciting and beautiful documentation of your color learning!

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