Making Textured Paper

Making Textured Paper is an all year activity in our classrooms. You can use regular computer paper or a light weight cardstock.  The goal is to build a class collection of papers that can be used for all kinds of collage and paper work throughout the year. Remember, you are making pages of textures, not pictures.  We use watercolors (regular and metallic) or tempera. They require different types of set up, but both make beautiful paper.

Eric Carle uses acrylics for the textured paper in his collage illustrations. Some of our other textured paper collage artist include Suze MacDonald.

Here are suggestions and directions for making Textured papers. You will need a variety of tools, which can include sponges, different size brushes, foam brushes, and a variety of “funky tools” painting tools. ( )

We also incorporate color concepts and vocabulary in texture painting, focusing on analogous colors (a family or related colors on a color wheel) or complementary colors to make neutrals (colors across from each other) or with tempera paint, exploring hue and value of a color (tints and shades).  Determine an organizing system for your textured papers and scraps, categorized by color in folders, drawers, or hanging files. Just imagine what metal inset work could look like or continent punching!

We are trying to get the video downloaded for you to see again and again.


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