Project Approach

This is the page where you can find information about Project Approach. Check back here often to get updates and more information as you work on your project.

ProjectPlanningJournal – this corresponds to the pages at the end of Investigations


Phase I  Project_Phase-1  Form for  PA EARLY LEARNING STANDARDS

Phase II 

Planning the Investigation (Ch. 3) Preparing for an Investigation copy

Fall Project Approach Schedule PROJECT APPROACH SCHEDULE

Documentation Process   Documentation process copy 2


What makes a Good Topic Choice?  – Article by Katz & Chard: Issues in selecting topics for projects katzpr98topic issues

Web Resources:

Caine’s Arcade

Investigating Choice Time

What happens in a car wash? file:///Users/patriciapinciotti/ECED%20Projects%20&%20Play/Project%20Approach/ECRP.%20Vol%2012%20No%202.%20What%20Happens%20at%20a%20Car%20Wash%3F.webarchive




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