All articles and work on play will be on this page. Check often to see what is NEW. Assignments are dated and described. Play On!

Assignment #1: Personal Play Story: Write a story about an early play memory  (no less than 2 pages) – Due January 30 

View: 1) Play powerpoint  Play1ppt  —  2) Watch a TED Talk by Stuart Brown, Sir Ken Robinson, Steve Keil, Tim Brown, or Isabel Behncke

READ: “Assessing and scaffolding make believe play” by Deborah J. Leong and Elena Bedrova Leong_Make_Believe_Play_Jan2012

“Developing young children’s self-regulation through everyday experiences” by Ida Rose Florez  Self-Regulation_Florez_OnlineJuly2011

VisitThe National Museum of Play Look for your resources under Education and checkout About Play and Play Resources: Studies and Reports

Pretend Play Glossary: From the Association of Children’s Museums  PretendPlayGlossary

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