Reggio in action

Today we were able to see the teachers and children in a typical day. We observed at the Diana school, situated in the park just off the piazza Della Vittoria. A hallmark of Reggio is transparency highlighting the relationship between the school and the community, the indoors and outdoors, the child and others. We observed in three classes, 3, 4, and 5 years and in the “piazza” and the atilier or art studio. The children where engaged in drawing, constructing, painting, and dramatic play as they investigated shapes, color, balance, technology, shadows, and story. In one art studio they were investigating smells and creating scents by combining various flowers, spices, and herbs. These ere placed on leaves or small tree stumps to mix together in small smell collages. The children then recorded, using symbols or drawings, the recipe for the new perfume.

We have begun investigating how we can fully document our varying experiences and perspectives  when we return. Are you wondering about anything? Questions welcome…

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