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Does Preschool Education Matter?

Taking a little turn from writing about art and creativity to look at Preschool Education with my Pre K-4 students. Follow the links and prompts and respond to this blog answering any of the questions in bold. Be sure to put your first name/last initial in the post and submit. Stop back and read the comments by your peers and feel free to enter the conversation by responding to any of their blog posts. You can also respond to either Jonah or Maggie’s blog too if you wish. Looking forward to reading your thoughts.           Be part of a conversation…. Happy break!

Jonah Lehrer, author of the new book Imagine, writes in WIRED about preschool education and the impact it has on children, particularly children of poverty. Read his blog,

After reading the blog post by Jonah, explore the work done by Maggie Doyne in Sukret, Nepal at Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School Be inspired!

What is your “felt sense” about the education of young children after reading the article? Are the ideas presented here consistent with what you are reading in our text by Sue Bredekamp? How does the work at Kopila Valley connect to your reading? How can you make a difference in the lives of young children?