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da Vinci Week

Intrigued? Curious? Revisit to learn about an exciting Arts Integration Week at Governor Wolf Elementary School in Bethlehem, PA where 4 fifth grade teachers, 7 ESU Students, and a cast of supporting specialists, Art, AI, Special Education, Music, Library, Physical Education engaged their learners in the life and mind of Leonardo daVinci! Much more to come…..


A big thanks to my daughter Nikki and our wordpress guru Andy Nacin who salvaged this space! I am sure many of you are thankful for their good work at final time. To see more of Nikki’s beautiful view of life visit Cupcakes for Breakfast. Scrolling down a bit you can even see Thanksgiving images….fun, fun, fun! Many thanks…

Don’t spend too much time there ….I know you have work to do…as do I.