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SNOW ANGELS and Today’s Class

Dr. Kelberman has a theory that if you wear your pajamas backwards, you will have a snow day. So I want to know which of you is wearing your pj’s backwards AND do you know it?

Today you will have class right here…First you will scroll down through a few posts until you see one titled Thinking about Arts Integration. There is a link to an email dialogue I had with a student last semester about the 3 lesson mapping process. I think you will get a good idea of how she and I thought together about her three lessons and how to craft strong learning goals and assessments.

Then you can go to Art 311 and Checkout two pages with power points. The first is Mapping-Linking-Planning-Documenting that provides an overview of the 3 lesson planning process all the way to the final documentation of student learning. The second page on Engaging Art Lesson Planning with a power point on Lesson Planning, which offers an overview of how to plan powerful, cohesive arts integrated lessons. Handouts resources which support both parts are there for your success. Looking for the Arts Standards? That is on the another page. Check there for National Visual Art, PA State Art and Early Learning standards.

So what do you do on a snow day….Start thinking about your mapping process. Begin by looking at what your teacher is covering in the next few months in Science or Social Studies (Mentor map). Maybe there is a language arts unit coming up? What might be a great connection for art? Email me a draft or what you are beginning to think and we will carry on our own conversation. Warning!! Think about what you want the STUDENTS to LEARN…NOT what activity YOU will do. Also I DO NOT respond to … I don’t know what to do. THINK FIRST….have some ideas, possible content to play with, and we will work together to craft the three lessons. Oh…if you get stuck take a walk outside…it is beautiful!! Definitely a snow angel day.

Virtual Museums

Any museum can invite you to look. A great one changes the way you see. – Anonymous
There has been an explosion of great museum websites with ways to receive information, view collections and utilize amazing educational resources for families and teachers. But, now there is a new way to see! Google art project is a fascinating museum resource, linking you to great museums across the world. Thank-you creative, art loving google gods. I am looking foward to more museums from the US and more moderns works, maybe from the Musee d’Orsay or Tate Modern. What is there is a virtual treasure trove! I have already started my personal collection.   Go there NOW!

Winter Wonderland

Photo courtesy of Lisanne Pinciotti

So it is icy…really icy!  Across 30 states in the USA icy. The college was closed but students hands and minds were busy creating textured paper and handmade books. Check out the posts under ELED 311 BOOKARTS above. Many interesting discoveries and connections to children and learning. The internet allowed them to fully explore the abc project (Arts, Books and Creativity Project) at the National Women’s Museum in DC and begin to dream of creative books to make with their new students at their PDS sites. Lots of possibilities for visual-verbal-content learning. Hope to have pictures of their creative productions up for you to view soon.